Month in Review: January 2022

Month in Review: January 2022

Stay up to date with all things Nansen! In this Month in Review we look back on all of our most important Product updates from January, including three public dashboards covering Ethereum, Optimism, and Ronin networks and the addition of LooksRare marketplace data.

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Hey Explorers,

We finished off the month of January on a high note by publishing our first “Nansen’s State of The Crypto Industry Report 2021”! Consider downloading the full 63-page report here. The team compiled a ton of market data covering L1 & L2s, DeFi & NFT markets, and of course, showcased actionable intel utilizing Nansen dashboards. You don’t want to miss this alpha!

Here is what the team has been working on over the last month. 

Product Updates

The Core Product team introduced three new public dashboards covering Ethereum, Optimism and Ronin networks. Whether you’re looking for active addresses, transactions by Entity, or number of users interacting with either network, you can always reference our public Nansen dashboards to quickly access that data. 

Our Data Journalist, Martin Lee, wrote two complementary research pieces for Optimism and Ronin, titled "Optimism: Paving an Optimistic Future for Ethereum" and “Ronin: The engine powering Axie Infinity’s growth”. If you haven’t already, be sure to give them a thorough read!

Another highly-requested feature, released this past month, is the Multichain Hot Contracts dashboard and accompanying widget, on the home page. You no longer need to keep multiple tabs open just to monitor the Hot Contracts dashboard on various networks. Instead, pull up the Multichain Hot Contracts dashboard and get an eagle’s eye view of the market. 

NFT Additions

Nansen now supports LooksRare marketplace data, an OpenSea competitor that, in recent weeks, has seen a huge surge in volume. Our Research Analyst, Louisa Choe, wrote a fantastic piece titled, “LooksRare and OpenSea: NFT’s Own Case of David vs. Goliath?” which covers their mission, community airdrop, staking mechanism, and resulting wash trading. Curious about digging into the details, or wondering how many $LOOKS tokens are staked? We encourage you to check out the new public LooksRare dashboard here.

Last but not least, the Nansen website underwent a little bit of a face-lift! Head on over to to check out the wonderful work of our designers and give us your feedback by @tagging us on Twitter @nansen_ai or by visiting the #feedback channel in our Discord. 

Coming up in February

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  • Community Ambassador Program: Learn more about this new initiative here
  • Web3 Integration 👀
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Marketing Updates

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