Month in Review: February 2022

Month in Review: February 2022

Stay up to date with all things Nansen! In this February Month in Review we look back on important updates to Smart Alerts, as well as a plethora of new NFT features that are sure to peak your interest. Read on to find out more!

Hey Explorers,

With February over, it is time for our monthly recap! Last month, we released a whole host of new product features, including an important update to our beloved Smart Alerts for NFTs as well as our Referral Links program! The NFT team has also been chugging away on implementing one of our top-rated feature request’s, Support for ERC-1155, and a brand-new machine-learning Price Estimator dashboard. 

So, let’s dive right in!

Product Updates

Nansen Smart Alerts just got a bit smarter with our advanced NFT queries. This feature is currently in BETA for VIP & Alpha. Improve your NFT trading skills using the newly updated advanced alerts and always stay in-the-know. These alerts are special queries that run hourly and allow users to receive alerts based on minting activity or specific collections. 

Advanced NFT Smart Alerts

Another important item from our Product team is the ability to remind users in the app about upcoming payments. A key update that will make it much easier to ensure you never lose your account access. Especially crucial for those Nansen users who pay via crypto and are not on a recurring payment. With this new update, you no longer have to worry about missing a payment, as you will receive an in-app notification reminding you that your payment is due in 5 days. 

Did you know, you can earn 1 month free for inviting friends? That’s right! At the beginning of last month, our Product team released the long-requested referral program. This program allows users to invite friends and earn 1 month free when they sign up for a Nansen subscription. New users who sign up for Nansen via a referral link can earn up to a month free as well!  Want to learn more? Consider reading our announcement post here to learn about the benefits and start getting rewarded for every friend you invite!

Nansen Referral Program

We understand that research isn’t always on-chain, that’s why we offer the ability to explore block scanning tools or marketplace pages directly from Nansen. Now we offer the ability to go straight to a collections main web page. For select NFT’s on NFT Paradise, you can explore a collections website directly from the right click menu options. Look out for this feature to come to other NFT dashboards in the near future.

NFT Paradise - Right-click navigation

Another area we’ve enhanced with more right click functionality, is in Wallet Profiler for Token. Now, when reviewing the largest token transactions on Wallet Profiler for Token, you can easily continue your research of the counterparties associated with the token by selecting ‘Wallet Profiler For Token’ from the right click drop down menu.

Wallet Profiler for Token

NFT Updates

The Nansen NFT team implemented one of our top-voted feature requests, Support for ERC-1155. This critical update not only added over 1K NFT collections to the existing 18K being tracked, but helps us inch ever so closely towards total coverage of real-time and on-chain NFT analytics across multiple standards. Learn more about the ERC-1155 standard by reading our detailed announcement article, Nansen Adds ERC1155 Support For NFTs. If you’re simply looking to get started on your NFT journey, we recommend you start with our walkthrough guide, Everything You Need to Know about NFTs and research article, Utilizing Nansen: Investing in NFTs.

Nansen Adds ERC-1155 Support For NFTs

Another critical update, from our NFT team, adds a wash-trade filter in NFT Paradise, to enable investors to surface a more meaningful signal from on-chain metrics. This update comes in response to Nansen adding support for LooksRare marketplace and the resulting suspicious on-chain activity from collections with 0% royalties. Observing the trading volume with and without this filter enabled, demonstrates the need for combining on-chain analytics with automated heuristics. Combining the wash filter and marketplace filters, on NFT Paradise, gives investors a unique view of ‘real activity’ on these emerging NFT Markets. To learn more about wash-trading and how you might be able to utilize it in your research, read our announcement article here

NFT dashboards now come loaded with a wash-trade filter!

Nansen now offers a finely tuned machine-learning Price Estimator for NFT projects. This new feature is in early access for all VIP and Alpha subscribers and can be found under the NFT menu. The Price Estimator looks at sales history and traits to estimate the most precise price available for any given NFT. It may be useful for identifying new opportunities and getting the best value possible, when buying and selling NFTs. Due to the depth of ML involved, we currently cover 6 collections (BAYC, MAYC, Doodles, Azuki, World of Women, and Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult). 

Nansen Price Estimator Dashboard

Attribution Updates

Next up, we can’t forget about our Attribution team! Since February, they’ve released several updates to Smart Money labels. Most notably, we have two new SM segments: First Mover Liquidity Providers and First Mover Staking! These First Mover labels target addresses that are always early. In short, First Mover LPs are the top 200 addresses that are always early in providing liquidity, while First Mover Staking looks at top 200 addresses that are early in staking. Why is this exciting? Because being first in line usually means having a chance to take advantage of very high APY and who doesn’t like being early?

Additionally, the team has rolled out support for Smarter LP labels on Polygon and Fantom. This is possible in part because the Smarter LP calculation now considers all Uni-V2 and MasterChef contract forks. This is a crucial update, as it allows the team to increase coverage, not just on Ethereum, but also across chains. 

Smart Money - First Mover Staking Dashboard

Community Ambassador Program 

Last month, we launched the Nansen Community Ambassador program! This brand-new initiative takes aim at the growing global community of blockchain enthusiasts who are multilingual speakers & eager to contribute. Consider reading our announcement article to learn more about the expectations and the ideal candidate. Expect to hear more about this program in future monthly reviews!

Nansen Community Ambassador Program

Coming up in March

- Nansen Affiliate Program

- Nansen team at Art Dubai & NFTLA conferences

- Better ArtBlocks coverage

- Related NFTs dashboard

- More Insight into macro NFT trends

- Web3 Integration 

- Reducing Friction for Exploring Nansen 👀

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