Month in Review: March 2022

Month in Review: March 2022

The Nansen Month in Review series covers all of the most important product updates, so you never miss a beat! In this month's review we cover our newest Nansen Lite tier as well as a host of other feature requests.

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Hey Explorers,

March was a big month for us. Not only did we implement support for Arbitrum, the team also added a new, highly-requested, tier. Suitably named Nansen Lite, this plan allows anyone to easily create an account and get a glimpse into what the product has to offer. 

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Product Updates

This past month, our product team released an entire new tier, called Nansen Lite. We believe that everyone should have the ability to follow the breadcrumbs left by onchain data and we want to make it easier for you to do so, using Nansen. 

Let’s take a look at what’s included in Nansen Lite. 

Sign up for a Nansen Lite account at 

On the home dashboard, Nansen Lite users have access to three powerful widgets. These widgets help surface the signal of the hottest DeFi & NFT contracts and give a glimpse into the power of Nansen. Don't forget about our curated market news dashboard, GM Digest, available just below the three widgets.

In the Discovery section, you’ll find Stablecoin Master, a comprehensive dashboard covering the latest stablecoin activity across various exchanges and notable wallets. ETH Tracker, which provides an overview of ETH balances, on-chain volumes and transactions. Gas Tracker, the go-to dashboard for all your gwei needs and ETH2 Deposit Contract, which tracks the total amount of ETH staking in the Ethereum 2.0 Deposit Contract. 

We can’t forget about our non-fungible friends. Included is NFT Paradise, which shows various metrics from the past 24 hours for the hottest NFT collections on Ethereum. And lastly, NFT Indexes, a group of six indexes which consist of Nansen NFT-500, Blue Chip-10, Social-100 index, Gaming-50 index, Art-20 index and Metaverse-20. To learn more, we encourage you to read our NFT Index Methodology here.

Hot Contracts Update

Being exposed to this space for any amount of time, you quickly realize how difficult it is to separate the signal from the noise. That’s why this next feature is so useful. The full Hot Contracts dashboard, available for VIP & Alpha, now shows separate tables for DeFi Contracts and NFT Contracts. Try it out here. With this new change, you’ll be able to quickly find interesting contracts, without having to do the digging yourself. Please note, this feature is currently only available on Ethereum. 

New Hot Contracts Update

Terra Multichain Dashboard

As part of our continuing efforts to be the go-to source for on-chain analytics, we announced initial support for Terra blockchain via a dedicated Multichain dashboard. This marks the first non-EVM chain that we support at Nansen, but definitely not the last! We encourage you to read our research piece “Terra: More than Stablecoins”, which dives into this new multi-dimensional protocol. 

Terra Multichain Dashboard

Introducing Arbitrum One Coverage

Next up, from both our Product and NFT teams, Nansen now supports Arbitrum One! Huge props to the team for pushing out this big release. What originally started as a simple feature request, on, quickly turned into our highest-voted submission, with over 500 SmolBrains showing their support! To introduce this new and vibrant ecosystem, Paul and Louisa from our NFT team prepared a research piece titled, “Nansen's Coverage of NFTs on Arbitrum One: A Deep Dive”

ArtBlocks Coverage

Last month, our NFT team added complete coverage for ArtBlocks which enables us to show individual sub-collections. This means that Nansen now gives a completely new view of this hugely influential NFT collection. You can search for any ArtBlocks collection (Factory, Curated, or Playground) using NFT God Mode and see its impact across all dashboards.

Art Blocks coverage on Nansen

Did you know VIP and Alpha users get to try dashboards before everyone else? This time they were able to try the new Related Collections dashboard, developed in part thanks to users that helped out with Nansen Labs, a trial initiative that closely involves users with product development. Using this dashboard allows you to see the most-owned collections, concentration of owners, transactions by owners, 24H buys, sells & minting activity. 

Azuki Related Collections

The team also released a new dashboard targeting macro stats on the broader market. Perfect for journalists and others who may want to quote our data. This dashboard, suitably named NFT Trends, is aimed at providing easy to digest stats, all from the comfort of one dashboard.

NFT Trends Dashboard

Our Attribution team has made great strides in their multi-chain labeling efforts. Last month, they achieved a very impressive 76% coverage, of all outgoing value flow from addresses across the seven chains, and balance coverage of 73%. This means that Nansen either has an entity, or a unique name, attributed to nearly 3/4 of all outgoing value flows & total balances on these networks!

You can now see labels indicating whether an address is active on a specific chain. For example, you'll now see <Active on Ethereum> or <Highly Active on Fantom>. This is particularly useful for quickly identifying which network an address is active on, without wasting valuable time checking each chain. Additionally, we have now imported over 1 million Opensea usernames, with more and more coming in everyday! 

If you’re interested in assisting the Attributions team, we encourage you to apply to the Nansen Scouts program. Application details available here: “Introducing the Nansen Scouts Program”

Coming up in April

- Web3 Integration 

a) Sign-up with Wallet

b) Sign-in to Account

c) NFT Holder Benefits

- Time Selector 

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